Membership Looks Good on You

Membership includes access to our live instructor-led meal prep courses.

When you purchase a membership you are automatically enrolled in our meal prep course.

Serve Healthier Meals at Home
Save Money on Your Grocery Budget
Plan Meals with Ease

When you sign up for a Meal Prep Made course.

You do not have to do anything else, you automatically become a Meal Prep Made member.

What's Included

5 Live Virtual Instructions

1 Year of Customizable Meal Plans

Personalized Shopping Lists

Exclusive Community Access

  • Learn pro food prep tips about cooking, cooling, storing.
  • Make the recipes with your instructor and classmates from the comfort of your own kitchen.
  • Start right away serving the class made meals
  • Private access to your own online weekly meal planning tool.
  • Customize your own recipes and plans based on food preferences.
  • Mix and match recipes and plans
  • Nutritional data is auto-generated for each recipe.
  • Personalized shopping lists are created from each recipe that you have included in your weekly meal plan.
  • Option to exclude items that you already have on hand.
  • Budget planning tools utilizing professional food costing methods.
  • Share and receive recipes and meal plans along with the entire Meal Prep Made membership community.
  • Class participation as many times as you prefer during the membership year.
  • Special option to participate in bonus classes, events, and contests.

How The Meal Prep Course Works

Beyond First Year Benefits

After your first annual membership expires what is next? Did you know that you can continue your membership beyond the first year?  

That’s right! Meal Prep Made wants to help you stay on track with all that you have accomplished,  so we have made the price to stay engaged in year two significantly lower. After you have completed your first year of membership you may continue to use to the all the amazing tools and the features that Meal Prep Made provides. 

That means access to all our new and updated meal plans and recipes along with complete access to all the meal planning tools that you have come to love. Tools such as your customized meal planner, shopping lists and social community.  In years two and beyond you also have opportunity to retake the 5-week course as many times as you like 

Year One Cost: $339

Year Two $29

That is a lot of value. What are you waiting for? Get started by signing up for the course and your first year of membership today.