Sample Meal Plans

We have designed multiple adaptable-meal plans that can fit into any lifestyle. Regardless of food preferences or special dietary concerns, our meal plans are completely flexible and interchangeable.  

Other meal prep plans may force you to eat the same meal over and over, but not Meal Prep Made! Our plans are designed using a wide range of food styles. This allows you to use the same ingredients, but achieve different results. We keep you from getting bored with your meals and help you to maximize your food budget. 

We have tasted, tested, and made each plan with you in mind. This is real food, made by real people! 

More Meal Plans For More Dietary Options

Our meals plans are scheduled in 3-day increments to ensure you are consuming good food in a safe manner. We teach safe methods for thawing, cooking and storing your food throughout our weekly courses. 

We have meal plans that are designed for those who are open to eating a variety of proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates. We also offer Vegetarian menu plans and a Low Carb plan. 

If you are looking to stretch your food dollars we also offer a Budget Friendly plan.

Meal Prep Made Meal Plans are designed to work in conjunction with the most popular health/weight self management and tracking programs.

Below is just a small sampling of one of our menu plans.

If you are trying to decide if a Meal Prep Made membership is right for you. Go ahead and access the sample meal plan and give the recipes a try. We think you are going to like them. 

  • Great Tasting
  • Low in Calories
  • Simple to Make
  • Budget Friendly
  • Adaptable 
  • Compatible with Other Plans

How Our Meal Planning Tool Works For You

Let us accompany you on your meal prep journey

Health - Weight Loss - Budget - Stress Reduction - Time Management

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Making a commitment to eat healthy, save on a food budget, and taking the stress out of meal planning are all positive lifestyle changes for you and those you love. We think you are worth it! 

Membership provides more than customizable meal plans and recipes. You also receive the 5-step live, virtual instructor-led meal prep course.  Access to a community of peer members who are also interested, learning, and sharing on this topic and so much more. 

If you have not yet checked out some of our recipes. Why not give one a try? We have compiled some easy but flavorful sample recipes for you.