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Instruction takes place from the safety and convenience of your own home.  We provide you the tools you need to be successful on your food prep journey. Our weekly menus, recipes, and shopping lists will save you valuable time.  Oh, and did we mention we are food safety certified so that you can be confident in the process and storage of your meals.

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5 Weeks of Instruction

We will virtually meal prep together every week. Your instructor will guide you through a process of how to become proficient in preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinners for the week. Why 5 weeks? Because we know good habits are formed and instilled after consistent behavior.

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Our menus are designed to be healthy, delicious, and cost-saving. We take the drudgery out of meal planning. If you have ever been overwhelmed thinking you have to get dinner on the table then this feature alone will relieve some stress.

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Shopping Lists

Your weekly shopping experience has never been easier. The lists are complete with every item you need to make delicious meals for the week. We make the trip to the store easier and faster too by dividing items into the various grocery departments.  

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Insider Tips, Support, and Community

You will never be alone on your food prep journey. Our food safety certified instructor will act as your coach by inspiring you and holding you accountable. Our entire food community is encouraged to share positive experiences and to post the meals they have made. 

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Who Takes This Course and Why?

Everyone needs to eat, every day. The reason most people end up eating unhealthy or spending money to eat out is simply that they failed to plan.

Our 5-week virtual course is as easy as having a video call. But unlike those calls at the end of the 2-hour class, you will have some food prepped for the week ahead.

We will not only teach you how to food prep, but it will keep you motivated to do it every week. After graduation from our Meal Prep Made course, you are welcome to stay a member as long as you like. 

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Choose an Option That is Best for you
Pricing Guide

Still not sure the class is right for you? We have many ways to help you in your food prep journey. We understand everyone's needs are a bit different so we offer a few options.

Host A Fun Meal Prep Party Starting at $99

The party is hosted by you! Simply invite up to 5 of your friends over with their cutting boards, containers, and a favorite knife. 

You choose your menu from our list of options. We will send you the shopping list and you decide if you want to buy the food supplies or share the list with them.  

Our food safety certified instructor will lead the class virtually while you enjoy time with friends.

Single 2 Hour Virtual Class
Menu Provided
Shopping List Provided

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Meal Prep Course

 The course includes all member benefits in addition to the  5-Weeks of instruction that will lead you through each step in the meal prepping process. 

You learn about the right tools, techniques, and tips to make food prepping part of your home life.

Each week you will learn a new dish to prepare and master the habit of weekly food prep with the assistance of our virtual certified food safety certified instructor. 

Virtual Course- 5 Weeks in  2 Hour Intervals
Access to All Menus 
Shopping Lists Provided

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Hire The Meal Prep Maid

Starts at $149 per visit plus the cost of food.

Yes, The Meal Prep Maid can come to your home.

We shop, cook, and prepare meals for you and your entire family. You select the weekly menu. Meals are simply "heat and eat". 

Provided you are in our local area. Meal Prep Maid is currently serving only the Greater Raleigh, NC, and surrounding areas.  


Weekly Visits = 9 Meals
Grocery Shops for all Meals

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what the Clients Say about us

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You don't have to take our word for it. Our clients love our recipes and meals. We make learning fun and are excited to see you succeed. 

Harper Tornaci

Meal Prep Made Party Host
This was so much fun! I invited my sister and sister-in-law. Not only did we get to hang out for some girl time, but we were all productive. They went home with great meals to share with their families and lots of meal prep ideas.

Maycee karahan

Meal Prep Made Course Participant
I have made family meals for most of my life. I was not sure what I was going to learn, that I did not already know. Guess what? I have learned to cook healthier and save money on our food budget. That in itself was worth the price of the class.