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Hi, I am Jan

I am The Meal Prep Maid
It is always difficult to write about yourself. This page is provided so that you can get to know me better. I thought it might be best to show you some pictures and videos of what I do, who I love, and the people and places that I find exciting. You will notice most revolve around food but thats no surprise. Isn't food what bonds us together as a society?

My Family

My Daughter, Husband, and, the 4-Legged Child

My daughter has been culinary trained by Johnson and Wales University,  I learn so much from her.  Together we publish Love of Food Magazine and co-manage a very active Facebook group and Instagram account called LoveofFood NC. 

My husband supports all my crazy ideas. I make him taste all my experiments, so it is a good thing he likes to eat. He also publishes a barbecue blog and Facebook group called All BBQ. You can see why I say food surrounds my life. 

My dog is my constant companion as I write, cook, and design. He came into my life as a rescue when he was just six weeks old. I even meal prep for him!

My Friends

I am fortunate to have great friends who will take part in all my antics, like participating in a pickling party.

Sometimes I get them to wear our promotional gear and or pose for my cover photos.

Sometimes they bring their entire dinner table and chairs, along with their place settings for a Thanksgiving  photo shoot in August

My Food Tribe

I love to hang out with and support women in the culinary field. (Sometimes I even hang out with a few good men).  I vibe with people who appreciate and make a living with food. Personal chefs, food entrepreneurs, authors, actors, these people are all in my tribe, I feel so happy when I am around them and we all have a great time.

My Videos

Video #1
Juice That Watermelon was made way back in 2011.
Back then I had no idea that I would be still be doing this all these years later. 

Video #2 
Easy Homemade Cranberry Sauce was made for the Holiday Issue of Love of Food Magazine in 2021

Video #3 
Sheet Pan Quesadillas is a more recent Meal Prep Made video. This is a great way to up your freezer meal game. 

Hopefully, all of this information has helped you to get to know me a bit better; I obviously love food.
I have a background in training adult learners and I am food safety certified. 
I look forward to you becoming a member and meeting  you in a Meal Prep Made class soon.