See Who Is Using Meal Prep Made and What They Have to Say

Busy Professionals
Moms with Hectic Schedules
Food Enthusiasts

Busy moms, empty nesters, food enthusiasts,  working professionals, and dieters all agree Meal Prepping makes their lives simpler. 

They save money on their food budgets, eat healthier and never have to worry about what is for dinner. 

I think this class is amazing for beginners in the kitchen but also for those of us who have spent years there. So many great recipes and ideas. The instructor was helpful and great at making sure everyone was following along ok and not struggling. Excellent classes, great food, and a sense of community during the classes!!!!
5 Step Meal Prep Class Participant
This was so much fun! I invited my sister and sister-in-law to join. Not only did we get to hang out virtually every week in class, but we were all productive. All of our families enjoyed great meals!

Harper Tornaci

5- Step Meal Prep Class Participant
I have made family meals for most of my life. I was not sure what I was going to learn, that I did not already know. Guess what? I have learned to cook healthier and save money on our food budget. That in itself was worth the price of the class.

Maycee Karahan

5- Step Meal Prep Class Participant