What We Offer

  • Flexible tools that help you manage and stay on top of eating healthy meals at home.
  • Pre-designed meal plans that can be customized just for you.
  • Recipes with step by step instruction along with video and nutritional information.
  • Auto generated shopping lists. 
  • A 5-step instructor-led meal prep course.
  • Fun meal prep parties hosted in your home. Simply invite up to your friends over with their cutting boards, containers, and a favorite knife.
  • Our food-safety certified instructor will lead the class virtually while you enjoy time with friends.
  • We even offer a fun dinner party option that has you and your guest preparing a meal that you can sit down and eat together. 

Hiring a Meal Prep Maid to cook for you and or you and your family is an option for those whose lifestyle has too many demands for preparing meals at home. 

Meal Prep Maid Cover