Refer a Friend Program 2021

Save $89 in Your First Year

How It Works

You invite your friends to membership and the first one who joins earns you a credit of $89. toward your first year membership. That is a % discount!8

Your friends will thank you for helping them get on the journey to healthier meal choices and saving money on their grocery budget. It is also easier to be more disciplined when you have an accountability partner outside in the real world, outside of class.



  • Invite as many friends as you like.  The more you invite the likelihood someone will join soon in increased. 
  • You can only receive the $99. credit a single time. From your first referral, regardless of how many of your friends join. 
  • Your friend may invite a friend and also be eligible for the credit and so on and so on
  • Credits are made to you 45 days after referral’s membership begins.