Meal Prep Party Options

Kudos Will Be Yours For Creating A Unique Experience That Is Both Fun And Productive

A Single Dinner Party Meal Prep

You and your guests will gather and prepare a fabulous dinner together. We know that people become closer when they accomplish something together and this is a great way to achieve a result that you can all sit down and enjoy. Create a unique experience that is both fun and productive.

What Does It Cost?

$99. Plus the cost of food

Three Meal Meal Prep Party

Imagine all the enjoyment you along with five of your friends or favorite family members will have when they gather at your home to prepare food together. Prepare three meals for the week that each person can take home with them. This is time spent well together being productive and having fun.

What Does It Cost?

Starts at $149. plus the cost of food

Speciality Meal Prep Parties

Your meal prep party can be as unique as you. Learn how to save time and money by learning how to plan and prep any party type. Up to 5 participant to learn with you or help you prepare. We have provided some examples of the types of meal prep parties we can do.

What Does It Cost?

Starts at $175. plus the cost of food