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A Meal Prep Made membership gives you access to so many exclusive, proven recipes. You can feel good about what you are eating because most all of them are under 500 calories and cost less than $2.50 per serving. Regardless of your goals for meal prepping we offer healthy alternatives for your meals and provide a way for you to save on your budget.

We offer recipes and meal plans to fit most any lifestyle.

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Our recipes provide you with lots of information without the annoying ads. An example of how we lay out our content is below. Check out how easy it is to get to the information you want. Enjoy some of the free recipes we have provided and consider becoming a member or look at our sample meal plans. 

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Free Recipes

Enjoy some free recipes from Meal Prep Made to help you get started with meal planning. 

Uncommon Ramen

Uncommon Ramen This is not your plain old ramen noodle lunch. Although the recipe is quite simple, using the packet of noodles from your favorite grocery store. If you eat ...

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Brunch Toast

Brunch Toast We call this toast brunch toast because it is too rich to beconsidered a breakfast toast. Between the savory Proscutto ham and the crunchiness of the par-cooke ...

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