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What Is 5- Step Meal Prep?

 5- Step Meal Prep is an entire free course offered to Meal Prep Made members. 
The course is focused on helping members make better meal prep habits and choices.  

How Does 5-Step Meal Prep Work?

Members RSVP for the five consecutive weekly classes.   
They are provided with login credentials to enter the session that is being hosted live by an instructor. 

What Can Someone Expect In The Session?

The sessions are participatory. Each member has an opportunity to share as well as learn. 
Members are cooking together while logged in to the sessions.

Why 5 Weeks?

Doing tasks on a regular schedule and repetitively builds good habits. 
Learning and sharing with your fellow classmates helps to build a community of support that will last beyond the course.

When Are the 5-Step Meal Prep Classes Held?

Classes are held on Sunday afternoons, when most people are seeking to have a handle on the weeks meals.
Classes are 2- hours long 

What Do People Learn?

We start with food safety and why it matters when you are preparing food. We discuss the apps and tools that we use to plan and track our our meals. 
The classes are designed to build upon one another using items from our own meal plans. Each class you make more items.

What Kind of Food Is Being Prepared?

We provide menus with a wide variety dishes that include Asian, Italian, Mexican and American.
We offer up the opportunity to substitute ingredients and or alternative dishes that participants can prepare. 

Not Ready To Commit To A 5 week Course ? 

Not to worry, the 5-Step Meal Prep course repeats multiple times per year. 

Or simply select Level 2 at checkout and you can  gain immediate access to all our self-study meal prep courses and meal prep  tools. 

For more answers to questions about the5-step meal prep classes see our FAQ page

Easy To Follow Along Infographic About the 5-Step Meal Prep Course